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Praying for Sunflowers – Photo Credit – Donna Hamlin

Vincent Van Gogh supposedly only sold one painting during his lifetime. Although art historians argue over the validity of this. He completed over 900 paintings and 2000 works during his lifetime. So even if Van Gogh only sold single digits, you could see why he was considered a failure while alive. After his death, he was extremely successful. In fact, in 1990 Van Gogh’s Portrait de Docteur Gachet, sold for a cool $82.5 million, which set a record that lasted for fourteen years! In 2004 a Picasso went for over $100 million.

Today’s random trivia blog question:

  • What four state capitals start with the same letter as the state they represent? Bonus point if you can tell me the only state capital that does not share any letters with the state it represents.

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  1. Delaware…Dover
    Oklahoma…Oklahoma City
    South Dakota…Pierre

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